People and Products Podcast: The State of the Power Electronics Industry

June 3, 2019 Alix Paultre

Even though a lot of the electronics industry is digitally based, there is still a need for analog design, as that is how the world presents itself to us. Integrated systems with both analog and digital aspects continue to mature and develop to address the latest applications. In this podcast we talk to Arco Snoey, Global Sales Manager, and Jens Eltze, Strategic Marketing Director at Apex Microtechnology about the state of the industry at the PCIM show in Nuremberg, Germany.

Among the topics discussed include the latest application spaces and trends in systems integration, advanced power electronics for sophisticated uses like envelope tracking, and the need to integrate the latest power semiconductors into net-generation energy systems. In an increasingly hardware-agnostic environment, development skill and engineering support can make all the difference.

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