STMicroelectronics’ Energy-Saving Low-Noise LDO Regulator Runs Automotive Modules and Smart Automation

December 7, 2018 Laura Dolan

Geneva - STMicroelectronics’ LDO40L provides quiet and efficient power for always-on automotive modules and noise-sensitive loads.

LDO40L is AEC-Q100 qualified with 45µA quiescent current and diminishes the need for vehicle batteries to run loads while the ignition is off. The device can also be deactivated to achieve a very-low shutdown current of only 1µA.

The LDO40L is able to maintain power to the load as cold cranking causes the input to drop with a 3.5V input voltage combined with the extremely low dropout voltage of 36mV at 100mA load, or 140mV at full load.

The LDO40L also guarantees consistent, high-quality DC for industrial controls and building- or home-automation applications while powering automotive body-control modules, instruments and clusters, and LED lighting. Output noise is a mere 20µV, power-supply rejection ratio (PSRR) 70dB @1kHz and has built-in protection features including current limit and thermal shutdown.

The device variants range from fixed 3.0V, 3.3V, 5.0V or 8.5V output voltage, regulated at give or take 3 percent including line, load and temperature variation.

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