Stadium Stontronics upgrades UK facility to meet increased demand

June 29, 2017 Jamie Leland

Stadium Stontronics has upgraded its Reading-based facility with the addition of a new dedicated manufacturing cell fully equipped for the production of custom power supplies, a new warehouse space to accommodate an additional 700 pallets of storage, plus a large ESD controlled test facility.

Extending its premises in Reading to more than 25,000 square feet, the business today specializes in the manufacture and distribution of AC-DC power supplies, DC-DC converters, desktops, plug-tops, custom power solutions, and cable products, primarily for the industrial, medical, security, LED lighting, and single-board computing markets.

Stadium Stontronics Managing Director Martin Brabham commented, “Adding supplementary power supply manufacturing and test activity to our Reading headquarters enables us to fully support Stadium Group’s other business units in Connectivity, HMI and Electronics Assembly with regional inventory holding and logistics programs tailored to our customers’ needs.”

Martin added, “Upgrading our facilities has allowed us to redesign the whole process in the warehouse and improve safety. We’ve been able to pedestrianise large areas, reduce the requirement for fork lift truck usage and keep noisy processes such as cable winding & ultrasonic welding separate.”

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