Products & People Podcast: Using Carbon Nanotubes to Improve Battery Storage Capacity

May 2, 2019 Alix Paultre

In this podcast we talk to John Hacskaylo and Scott Fisher of Black Diamond about the use of carbon nanotubes to improve batteries.

One of the prevalent themes in current technology development is the importance of efficient energy management and storage, and the related core technologies. This awareness was brought to a head in recent decades by portable electronics, and accelerated under the pressure of increased use of powered systems in all facets of life. To address issues from battery life to thermal management to power density, more effective energy systems are needed, and are being developed.

Improving battery technology is one of the areas of hot development, with advanced core technologies being explored as solutions. One company pursuing this is Black Diamond Structures, who is working on using carbon nanotubes (CNT) to improve the storage capacity and durability of lead acid batteries. The company is a joint venture between MOLECULAR REBAR Design and SABIC .

CNTs, when made commercially, consist of large entangled bundles of nanotubes, less useful than discreet or individual nanotubes. MOLECULAR REBAR are discreet, open ended, highly functionalized CNTs that are free from catalysts and waste matter, that can be implemented into existing battery processes. The CNT-based tech promises to increase charge acceptance by over 25%, cycle life by more than 50%, and improve formation efficiency.

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