PoLTE and Riot Micro collaborate on ultra-low power location capabilities in IoT systems

January 9, 2018 ECD Staff

PoLTE Corporation and Riot Micro have announced a collaboration to enable ultra-low power LTE Internet of Things (IoT) solutions with highly accurate location positioning for indoor and outdoor applications. Riot Micro will support PoLTE’s location interface in the RM1000, a low power baseband modem chip for the cellular IoT that can cut the power consumption of similar modem chips in half, at price points comparable to short-range wireless systems. Meanwhile, PoLTE’s location interface can off-load on-board modem data to PoLTE cloud servers. From the cloud, PoLTE’s location engine can then calculate location positioning of devices.

The combined solution aims to deliver secure and persistent location of any LTE-enabled mobile device inside or outside structures at a fraction of the cost, size, or power consumption. This is a key differentiation compared to GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and hybrid location solutions which usually require at least two different technologies for outside and in-building tracking.

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