MagnaChip’s 3-Channel BLU LED Driver for UHD TVs Hits the Market

June 5, 2019 Laura Dolan

SEOUL, South Korea and SAN JOSE, CA. MagnaChip released its 3-channel BLU (backlight unit) LED driver for UHD TVs.

Functions of the new 3-channel BLU LED Driver include:

  • Controls the local LED dimming of up to 270 LEDs through a maximum of 90 LEDs per channel
  • Selectively uses analog or PWM dimming according to the image signal, thus fulfilling high contrast ratio and power efficiency
  • Provides for high current accuracy within ±1 percent tolerance by using the average mode of the current control technology
  • Supports Low PWM Dimming by operating at 480 kHz High speed Switching Frequency to control the current in the dark area of the image with a narrow pulse width
  • Provides various circuit protection functions such as short-circuit protection and under-voltage lockout (UVLO) to attain high reliability
  • Features over-duty protection, keeping the PWM duty ratio (on/off ratio) constant
  • Supplies for current-sense resistor short protection, preventing over-current from flowing into a specific area of the circuit

"MagnaChip's 3-channel BLU LED driver, which features low power and high contrast ratio, will enhance the product value of high definition UHD TV,” said MagnaChip’s CEO, YJ Kim. "As the UHD TV market grows rapidly, we will continue to strengthen our display driver lineup by developing multi-channel BLU LED drivers that increase the number of channels as well as LED current accuracy."

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