KEMET’s METCOM SMD Inductors Increase Power Density and Efficiency

June 25, 2019 Alix Paultre

KEMET launched the METCOM family of SMD metal composite power inductors, developed for more efficient DC-DC switching power supplies and other power-related applications including EMI filtering. The metal composite core offers high current saturation characteristics to handle the large ripple currents typically found in modern power applications. High permeability enables low values of DC resistance (DCR) that result in significantly reduced self-heating during high current operation, increasing system efficiency and reducing the need for thermal design considerations.

METCOM inductors have a shielded construction that contains the magnetic flux within the inductor body, increasing the efficiency of operation. This also improves EMI performance and eliminates interference with surrounding circuitry. Comprising a total of 102 devices covering an inductance range from 0.10mH to 47.00mH, the METCOM series offers DCR values as low as 1.5mW. The inductors can support currents up to 35.4 A and operating temperatures between -55°C and +155°C, with footprints as small as 5.3mm x 5.00mm and profiles as low as 2.0mm.

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