InnoSwitch3-Pro Allows you to Qualify your Next USB PD 3.0 + PPS Adapter

September 7, 2018 Laura Dolan

Power Integrations’ range of adapter designs based on the innovative InnoSwitch 3-Pro family of ICs achieved compliance with USB Power Delivery (PD) 3.0 standards during a workshop in Portland, Oregon recently.

A new design example report (DER-702) describes a 45 W USB PD 3.0 charger with 3.3 V–16 V PPS outputs using InnoSwitch3-Pro and a Weltrend (WT6635P) USB PD controller. The ultra-efficient InnoSwitch3-Pro switcher IC features digital micro-stepping of voltage and current for fixed battery charge regulation, enabling this design to comply with PPS rapid-charging protocol while reducing system BOM.

The USB PD 3.0 testing was successfully completed by nine designs featuring InnoSwitch3-Pro and InnoSwitch3-CP ICs. A number of these designs employ the advanced Programmable Power Supply (PPS) option, which enables smartphones, tablets and notebooks to charge faster without the danger of overheating the device.

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