FTDI Chip’s Latest Controller IC Delivers 3A Current

November 26, 2018 Laura Dolan

FTDI Chip debuted its FT4233H at Electronica. It is an advanced bridge IC with USB Type-C connectivity and has USB power delivery Rev. 3.0 controller capabilities that can run applications up to 100W.

The FT4233H will allow currents to reach 3A for hardware connections such as power tools, lights, household appliances, etc. The IC’s integrated 32-bit PD Policy Engine and USB Protocol Engine elements gauge power activities sans the required USB specific firmware programming.  

The USB bridge function of FT4233H complements the quad high-speed USB to multi-purpose bridging offered by FTDI Chip’s previous generation FT4232H device on up to four separate channels. It contains two Type-C ports, where one could serve as a power sink or source (or in a dual role capacity) supporting Fast Role Swap, and the other port serving mainly as a sink. 

The FT4233H USB bridge IC depends solely on a 3.3V power source for both VCC and VCCIO.

For more information, please visit https://www.ftdichip.com/products/ics/ft4233h.htm.

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