Diodes Inc.’s Non-Isolated Buck Switchers Offer High-Voltage AC-DC Conversion, Low Standby Current

August 16, 2019 Alix Paultre

Diodes Incorporated launched the AP3917 family of universal AC-DC non-isolated buck (step-down) power switchers for low-power applications. Family members include the AP3917B (170mA nominal load), AP3917C (270mA), and AP3917D (370mA). The AP3917 family of buck switchers is designed to provide highly efficient, offline power conversion for light-load applications. Discontinuous and continuous conduction modes are both supported.

The AP3917 buck switcher can convert a full-wave rectified, AC input voltage between 85VAC and 265VAC to a nominal 8.0V DC output. Its non-isolated design requires no external transformer and very few external components. With a no-load power consumption of less than 30mW, the AP3917 buck switchers are particularly suitable for small appliances that operate in standby mode for prolonged periods. Supplied in a surface-mount SO-7 package, the AP3917BS7-13 is priced at $0.22 in 4,000 piece quantities.

Learn more at www.diodes.com.

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