Bel Power Solutions Announces its TSR10 Series

September 13, 2018 Laura Dolan

Bel Power Solutions released their TSR10, a robust, high power 10 kW, DC programmable laboratory power supply. It is a 3U, 19-inch rack mounted precision power supply that delivers pristine and steady DC power, enabling operation on any load from short- to open-circuit and constant voltage/constant current auto crossover.

It consists of a 3-phase input voltage of 360 - 440 VAC power supply with adjustable

DC output voltage ranging from 0.5 V and 50 V, and output current between 0.5 A and 200 A.

The user-friendly TSR10 is the ultimate device for laboratory testing as well as research, component device testing, automated systems, aerospace and satellite testing.

TSR10 communications include:

  • CAN Interface and analog programming/monitoring (0-5 V or 0-10 V user-selectable)
  • auto restart after power cut, mains, output voltage and current indication
  • front panel lock (selectable from the front panel) and/or from the software
  • independent remote ON/OFF and remote enable/disable
  • continuous encoders for voltage
  • current adjustment (coarse and fine mode), last setting memory and remote reset

For technical inquiries, contact, call +1 866-513-2839

for North America and +49 6172 95520 for EMEA or visit

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