X-FAB Launches High-Voltage Galvanic Isolation Process Technology

January 30, 2019 Alix Paultre

X-FAB Silicon Foundries announced the full-volume production release of its new high-temperature galvanic isolation semiconductor process. This proprietary technology is fully automotive qualified and offers high levels of reliability.

Key advantages of the new X-FAB galvanic isolation process include:
•       Operational temperatures of up to 175°C
•       Successfully tested up to 6,000 Vrms @ 50 Hz and 10,000 VDC
•       Uninterrupted barrier layer with 0 ppm residual contamination
•       Demonstrated conformance with latest IEC 60747-17 semiconductor coupler draft standard
•       Support for working voltages up to 1.7 kV

X-FAB offers two types of packaged galvanic isolation devices for customer evaluation. The capacitive coupler test chip, G3-C1, has an isolation layer thickness of 11 µm and was tested to withstand up to 6,000 Vrms (the maximum limit of the test setup). An inductive coupler test chip, G3-T06, is also available for customer evaluation and has an isolation layer thickness of 14 µm.

Design kits for all major EDA platforms can be downloaded from X-FAB’s customer web portal. Samples and full process qualification reports are available on request.

For more information visit www.xfab.com.

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