wolfSSL Announces Expansion to its OpenSSL Compatibility Layer

March 23, 2020 Perry Cohen

wolfSSL announced the expansion of its OpenSSL Compatibility Layer, called version 4.3.0. This new version of OpenSSL supports FIPS and the new FIPS certificate despite not being expected until 2022. Per the company, the expansion in the OpenSSL Compatibility Layer is to assist in migrating users from OpenSSL to wolfSSL.

"As many people know, the OpenSSL project is struggling with FIPS, and their new FIPS certificate will not be available until 2022,” said wolfSSL CTO Todd Ouska, in a press release. “The version of OpenSSL that supports FIPS is now in End-Of-Life and is no longer supported.

"This means that OpenSSL users will not have a supported FIPS Object Module for over a year. This is a big issue for companies that rely on security. If there is a bug in the OpenSSL FIPS Object Module, your government business will be at risk."

wolfSSL has integrated their FIPS certified crypto module with the OpenSSL Compatibility Layer, to help void OpenSSL FIPS breach.

There are several key differentiators between wolfSSL and OpenSSL, according to the company. These include the following:

 - Build size (up to 20x smaller than OpenSSL)
 - Hardware acceleration
 - Team of security experts on call
 - Ease of Use designed for developers
 - Portability: a long list of supported platforms
 - 24/7 Support

The company also noted that wolfSSL contains out of the box plug-ins including FIPS support for Nginx, Apache, OpenSSH, curl, OpenVPN, strongSwan, wpa_supplicant, Qt, and many more.

For more information, visit https://www.wolfssl.com/docs/wolfssl-openssl/

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