VSI Labs Launches Automated Drive East

September 11, 2019 Laura Dolan

VSI Labs will be on the road again one month following its inaugural Automated Drive West for an Automated Drive East, testing an autonomous vehicle on a thousand-mile journey from Minneapolis to Washington, D.C.

The Drive East will leverage Trimble’s precise point positioning (PPP) technology, Trimble RTX, providing an adaptable option for transmitting GNSS corrections via satellite or cellular/IP globally. RTX assists vehicles in finding their precise location and keeping them in their lane while traveling across a diverse geographic area.

Automated Drive East will commence on Friday, September 27, driving through Chicago, IL Indiana, Ohio, Pittsburgh, PA, and Maryland, before stopping in Washington D.C.  The vehicle’s progress will be streaming on VSI's website and their social media channels.

“As the leading research company on active safety and automated driving, it’s our job to test the various technologies available to the AV industry, and there’s no better way to do that than driving cross-country,” said VSI Labs’ Founder & Principal, Phil Magney. “This journey isn’t about proving the technology – but rather to understand the performance of these two complementary technologies when subjected to variable conditions.”

For more information, visit https://vsi-labs.com/.

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