Vincotech’s MiniSKiiP PIM 2 IGBT M7 Enables Accurate and Cost-Effective Current Measurement

June 4, 2019 Alix Paultre

Vincotech released the MiniSKiiP PIM 2 IGBT M7 family with open emitter for flexible and cost-efficient current measurement. Featuring PIM (CIB) topology and IGBT M7 chip technology, these modules are able to handle up to 50A. Addressed for motion control applications, MiniSKiiP PIM 2 IGBT M7 modules provide an open emitter configuration for accurate and cost effective current measurement in the leg or in the phase.

A CIB module has three functional blocks, a converter, an inverter, and a brake. The converter is a rectifier with four or six diodes. Usually, 50Hz diodes with 800V or 1600V blocking voltage are used, with the inverter consisting of six IGBTs and six free-wheeling diodes. The types vary according to the given voltage: 600 V types are used for 230 V applications, and 1200 V types for 400 V applications. Often, the brake chopper is also integrated together with a free-wheeling diode.

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