Toshiba starts sample shipments of automotive DC motor driver IC

March 7, 2019 Katelyn Albani

Düsseldorf, DE. Toshiba Electronics Europe GmbH has started sample shipments of an automotive DC motor driver IC with a LIN slave function that can communicate with a LIN 2.0 master IC for in-vehicle networks.

The new TB9058FNG is suitable for many applications requiring up to 0.3A drive current using LIN BUS including:

  • heating
  • ventilation
  • air conditioning damper control drivers.

Because the IC incorporates the hardware logic of a single-channel H-bridge motor driver and LIN communication function with an enhanced checksum, no software development is required for the new driver. The integration of the enhanced checksum function allows the LIN 1.3 compliant TB9058FNG to communicate with a LIN 2.0 compliant master IC. 

The TB9058FNG receives the position data from the motor rotation target via the external LIN BUS, and drives the motor to the rotation target. A variety of communication rates up to 19,200 bps are easily selected in hardware.

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