Toshiba Memory Corporation Samples New Embedded Flash Memory Products for Automotive Applications

April 11, 2019 Katelyn Albani

TOKYO. Toshiba Memory Corporation announced that it has begun testing out new Automotive JEDEC UFS Version 2.1 embedded memory solutions utilizing 3D flash memory. These products are embedded flash memory devices that incorporate the company’s BiCS FLASH 3D flash memory and a controller in a single package.

The company’s Automotive UFS does a variety of things:

  • supports a wide temperature range
  • meets AEC-Q100 Grade2 requirements
  • offers the enhanced reliability required by various automotive applications

The new UFS devices feature several functions including:

  • Refresh
  • Thermal Control
  • Extended Diagnosis

Technology advances in automotive information & entertainment systems and ADAS related products will continue to drive the storage demands in automotive applications ever higher.

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