Tortuga Logic’s Radix-S Improves Security in Silicon Chip Designs

February 27, 2019 Laura Dolan

SAN JOSE, CA. Tortuga Logic released its Radix-S, the premiere product of a hardware-based security solutions series for identifying system-level vulnerabilities embedded in Hardware Roots of Trust (HRoT).

Radix-S works by scanning hardware and software during the pre-silicon design and verification phases of a system in an effort to detect and prevent any system-level security vulnerabilities.

Radix-S prohibits:

  • Illegal access to customer proprietary or confidential data
  • Unlawful access to keys for signing and authenticating boot images
  • Side channel outflow of important customer information
  • System-level compromises stemming from Hardware Root of Trust misconfigurations
  • Overlooked system architecture security gaps

"Hardware Roots of Trust are becoming the basis of security for entire systems, so it's crucial that they are properly designed and implemented," said Tortuga Logic’s co-founder and CEO, Dr. Jason Oberg. "A vulnerability in the Hardware Root of Trust or its system configuration can have disastrous consequences that affect all parties across the whole value chain. If the hardware itself is not secure, the entire design becomes susceptible to system-level exploits."

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