The Industrial Internet Consortium and Linaro Join Forces

December 4, 2018 Laura Dolan

Needham, MA. The Industrial Internet Consortium and Linaro Ltd will work together to enhance the digital economy by thwarting fragmentation while supplementing various aspects of industrial internet fields.

IIC Liaison Working Group's new contributing group will be IIC’s access to formal relationships with open-source organizations, consortia, alliances, certification and testing bodies and government entities/agencies.

The contributing group will focus on pinpointing joint activities entailing identifying and sharing best practices; realizing interoperability by blending architecture and other elements; collaborating on standardization involving input into the 96Boards industrial edition specification; and collecting input on short-term plans for Over-The-Air (OTA) updates, Time Sensitive Networking (TSN), and trustworthiness.

“Open source communities are an integral part of accelerating the IIoT market adoption,” said Wael William Diab, IIC Liaison Working Group Chair and Secretary of the IIC Steering Committee, “The liaison with Linaro reinforces the comprehensive ecosystem of liaison partnerships that IIC is building, which include SDOs, government initiatives and regional organizations, industry consortia and open source communities.”

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