Sundance Launches Lynsyn Lite Low-Cost Power Measurement Tool

February 4, 2020 Alix Paultre

Sundance Multiprocessor Technology launched Lynsyn Lite, a low-cost power measurement tool for the development of embedded and customized low-energy computing (CLEC) systems. Lynsyn Lite provides accurate measurement of a system's energy consumption based on application behaviour, easing the process of tracking down the root causes of power issues.

Lynsyn Lite measures the power usage of individual sections of source code deployed in embedded and CLEC systems, and connects over JTAG to non-intrusively sample the program counters of the system processors, and correlate the power measurements with the source code, mapping consumption samples to application actions. A sampling frequency of up to 10kHz is used.

Lynsyn Lite features three sensors that measure both current and voltage, and is compatible with both Linux and Windows operating systems, with open-source software that both samples and visualizes measurement results. The device is priced at US$125, £85 or €99.

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