SiFive Welcomes Hex Five Security’s MultiZone to its Software Ecosystem

September 11, 2018 Laura Dolan

SiFive added Hex Five Security’s MultiZone Security to its growing SiFive Software Ecosystem. SiFive will incorporate MultiZone Security into its Freedom SDK through the partnership for easy implementation by SiFive customers seeking a Trusted Execution Environment.

The technology provides policy-based hardware-enforced separation for countless security zones with full control over data, code, interrupts and peripherals. MultiZone’s Configurator takes fully compiled and linked customer code and merges it with Hex Five’s nanoKernel to enable rapid adoption without any modifications to hardware or customer code basis.

Hex Five’s MultiZone Security accelerates the time companies can adopt these robust security solutions. SiFive, Hex Five and other software ecosystem partners provide low- or no-entry fee IP to start-ups, minimizing the upfront engineering costs needed to bring a custom chip from design to fruition.

“Hex Five Security provides a novel approach to build hardware-enforced, software-enabled security previously unavailable to the RISC-V community,” said Shafy Eltoukhy, vice president of operations and head of the SiFive Software Ecosystem and DesignShare programs at SiFive. “With MultiZone Security as part of the SiFive Software Ecosystem catalog, RISC-V users now have a robust Trusted Execution Environment available that is fully integrated into SiFive’s toolchain.”

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