Sensoray’s Model 518 Sensor Board Hits the Market

May 2, 2019 Laura Dolan

Sensoray released its Model 518, a smart 8-channel sensor measurement system on a PC/104 board that has a newly added Linux driver, offering excitation for passive sensors and signal conditioning for thermocouples, RTDs, thermistors, and strain and pressure gauges.

It is designed so individual channels can be structured independently for measuring voltage, resistance, or any kind of supported sensor.

Features of the Model 518 sensor board include:

  • Excitation – applied during measuring, diminishing sensor self-heating and overall board power consumption.
  • Lossless measurement – provisioning for elimination of lead loss errors from RTD, thermistor, and resistor measurements.
  • Thermocouples – Uses cold junction compensation along with an elective, external temperature transducer.
  • Calibration – guarantees reliable functionality in high-vibration environments. Factory-programmed calibration data are stored on-board for accelerated installation.
  • Sensor Connections – All field wiring signals are at hand via a 40-pin header, with the options to connect the header to a custom termination system or to any of Sensoray’s breakout boards.
Typical Application

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