Senseg ELFIAC Flexible Actuator Technology Uses Roll-To-Roll Manufacturing

September 5, 2019 Alix Paultre

Senseg launched a family of flexible actuators for applications such as wearables, soft robotics, VR/AR devices, and interior integrated sensors that is based on roll-to-roll manufacturing.

ELFIAC (Elastomeric Film Actuator) actuators are far less expensive to produce than comparable traditional actuators, and use cheaper, non-toxic materials. The inherent flexibility of the low-power ELFIAC technology is leveraged with an advanced, compact, and low-power high-voltage driver circuit, powered by a proprietary system-in-package (SiP) S220 chip, which Senseg has jointly developed with ST Microelectronics.

“ELFIAC technology can be manufactured in almost any size and shape, flat or curved, and is a robust technology, whose flexible membrane-like structure enables taking haptics to where it was previously impossible,” said Ville Mäkinen, founder and General Manager of Senseg. “We have proven the mass manufacturability of ELFIAC and gone through rigorous product testing. We can see that ELFIAC’s potential expands far beyond our initial scope of consumer electronics products.”

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