Semtech Launches LoRa Basics and Opens Registration for LoRaWAN Academy

April 30, 2019 Laura Dolan

Semtech Corporation is launching LoRa Basics, which are software solutions that will help developers implement LoRaWAN functions of end devices, gateways or LoRaWAN-based solutions to provide a free, specification compliant software, delivering applications to market at an accelerated and cheaper rate.

“To get LoRa-based solutions to market faster, developers can leverage Semtech’s free, supported and easy-to-use set of LoRa Basics,” said the Senior Director of the Developer Ecosystem in Semtech’s Wireless Sensing and Products Group, Steven Hegenderfer. “LoRa Basics is fully compliant with LoRa Alliance and allows developers as well as enterprises to rapidly develop their applications.”

The second basic building block that was released is LoRa Basics MAC, which helps operate LoRaWAN-based radios with the firmware an end-device developer needs including an event-driven run time with power management, timer handling and an accommodating environment with logical time to enable debugging and regression testing.

At the same time, Semtech has also opened registration for its LoRaWAN Academy, providing a wide-ranging set of educational modules for students, engineers, developers, and enterprises at no cost to develop Internet of Things (IoT) applications using LoRa-based technologies.

“Developers are the most important part of any modern technology platform, and the LoRaWAN Academy is there to help them get up to speed on one of the fastest growing IoT-enabling technologies out there today, Semtech’s LoRa devices and wireless radio frequency technology (LoRa Technology). The LoRaWAN Academy will enable developers to get their LoRa-based solutions to market faster as well as simplify development,” Hegenderfer stated. “We are working with the LoRaWAN-based ecosystem to develop and drive material that is beneficial to the community. Providing completely free modules focused on building LoRa-based applications gives students, engineers, developers, and enterprises the jump-start they need to build robust, innovative IoT applications.”

To learn more, visit

For more information about the LoRaWAN Academy, visit Semtech’s LoRa Developer Portal.

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