SEGGER Adds Video to emUSB Devices

July 9, 2019 Alix Paultre

SEGGER introduces video class (UVC) support for the emUSB-Device, enabling products with a USB device interface, once connected to a Host (Windows, Mac, Linux or Tablet), to be recognized as a camera. Video content can come from a live camera feed, prerecorded video, or can be generated dynamically by using a graphics library such as SEGGER emWin. No drivers on the host side are required.

In addition to using digital still and video cameras, webcams, and similar devices, it can also be used for “headless” devices that do not have their own display, where the main processor controls the machine and is connected to a host showing the video on a display. The emUSB-Device runs on any microcontroller and is platform-independent, and the flexible device stack enables the creation of multi-class devices using nearly any combination of the available USB classes.

emUSB-Device provides classes for Media Transfer Protocol, Mass Storage Device, MSD-CDROM, audio, video, Human Interface Device, CDC-ACM (Serial port communication), IP-over-USB, and printers. It also supports a custom communication interface using bulk transfer for easy and fast communication without protocol overhead. The emUSB-Device is fully compliant with USB standards.

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