RTI and Beeond Join Forces to Bring Together the Best of DDS and OPC UA

April 4, 2019 Katelyn Albani

SUNNYVALE, CA. Real-Time Innovations and Beeond Inc. released a new architecture proposal combining core connectivity standards for industrial systems in an effort to focus on the connectivity challenges automation systems will face in the future.

The Industrial Internet Consortium displays a reference architecture for Industrial IoT connectivity in its Industrial Internet Connectivity Framework. Core standards suggested by the IICF include DDS and OPC UA. Because DDS and OPC UA are useful at both the physical and software levels of data sharing, organizations are starting to look at how to bring together the best of both DDS and OPC UA.

“The proposed integration of the OPC UA and DDS standards is a critical milestone in the advancement of the Industrial Internet,” said RTI’s Senior Director of Marketing Development, Brett Murphy. “The value delivered by an IIoT system is underpinned by two key capabilities: data interconnectivity from the edge to the cloud and software providing advanced analytics and control. Because of this, having a streamlined, converged design leveraging the best aspects of both DDS and OPC UA will be essential for next-generation systems. This proposal builds on RTI’s experience in standards development and solving complex system architecture challenges. We look forward to continuing to advance the industry while helping our customers design the intelligent systems of the future.”

For more information, please visit https://beeond.net/ or https://www.rti.com/.

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