ROHM’s Buck-Boost DC-DC Converter Touts Power Savings

September 5, 2019 Alix Paultre

ROHM announced the availability of a buck-boost DC-DC converter with integrated MOSFET, the BD83070GWL, developed for low power eco-friendly devices used in compact battery-driven applications. The solution achieves a power conversion efficiency of 97 percent during operation at a 200mA load current, along with a 2.8μA quiescent current consumption.

Able to boost battery life up to 1.53 times over conventional solutions during standby (100μA load current), the 1.2mmx1.6mm BD83070GWL achieves its 97 percent efficiency partly due to a low-RDS(on) MOSFET with a 0.13μm BiCDMOS power process.

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