Rohde & Schwarz Releases IEEE 802.3cg 10BASE-T1S Compliance Test Solution for Automotive

September 30, 2019 Laura Dolan

Rohde & Schwarz’s new IEEE 10BASE-T1S standard multiplies the amount of Automotive Ethernet use cases to implement simple devices into the network.

Rohde & Schwarz offers advanced test solutions for Automotive Ethernet and other bus systems.

The 10BASE-T1S compliance test is available for the R&S RTO and R&S RTP oscilloscopes that offer complete automated testing complementing IEEE 802.3cg 10BASE-T1S interfaces.

The new R&S RTO-K89 and R&S RTP-K89 compliance test software for 10BASE-T1S features illustrations to help users in the step-by-step process. The full compliance test solution also has a test fixture that improves the test setup to the 10BASE-T1S interface.

Rohde & Schwarz will have the ability to offer a testing portfolio for all available Automotive Ethernet standards (10BASE-T1S, 100BASE-T1, 1000BASE-T1) and for all other standard automotive buses (LIN, CAN, CAN-FD, FlexRay and CXPI).

Learn more about the R&S RTO-K89 and R&S RTP-K89 compliance test software option for 10BASE-T1S at

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