Riedon Acquires KRL/Bantry

April 25, 2019 Alix Paultre

Riedon announced it has reached an agreement to acquire KRL/Bantry Components, a manufacturer of wirewound resistors. “Wirewound resistors continue to offer significant advantages over alternatives in many applications,” said Frieda Hovsepian, VP of Sales & Marketing at Riedon Inc. “This acquisition further strengthens our position worldwide as the leading manufacturer in this evolving market and enables us to continue to meet our customers’ needs through an even wider range of products, including custom design resistors that can be tailored to meet their specific requirements.”

KRL/Bantry has made power and precision wirewound resistors for over 40 years for power supply and instrumentation applications including medical, avionics and telecom. The company is also known for its temperature-sensing probes, wirewound resistor networks, cold-junction compensation networks, and resistance standards. The acquisition will significantly enhance Riedon’s offering across these key areas while enabling it to further expand its product lines to KRL/Bantry’s existing customer base.

Learn more at www.krlbantry.com or www.riedon.com.

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