Renesas RA Ecosystem Adds Arm, Alibaba, IAR, Qt, wolfSSL Building Blocks

August 3, 2020 Brandon Lewis

Renesas has announced that the ecosystem around it’s 32-bit Arm Cortex-M-based RA microcontrollers has expanded with security, machine learning, and other building block solutions from partners like Arm, Alibaba, IAR, Qeexo, Qt, Toshiba, and wolfSSL. The solutions are compatible with RA devices out-of-the-box.

Notable building blocks now available in the RA ecosystem include:

  • Cloud & Device Management:
    • Arm’s Pelion IoT Platform for connectivity, device, and data management
    • Alibaba’s Ali Cloud for connecting RA devices to cloud web services via Ethernet or Wi-Fi
  • Connectivity:
    • AltoBeam 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi chips and modules, which connect to RA devices over the SDIO interface
    • Clarinox Bluetooth, BLE, and Wi-Fi protocol stacks
    • CS Lab’s BACnet stack
  • GUI Development Tools:
    • Qt independent graphics toolkit and application framework
    • TES Electronic’s GUILIANI object-orientated GUI development suite
  • Machine Learning:
    • Qeexo’s AutoML platform for designing low-power, low-latency, small-footprint AI models for embedded targets
  • Program/Debug Tools:
    • IAR Embedded Workbench, a complete development toolchain for optimizing and debugging code in a professional IDE
    • Percepio visual trace diagnostics tools
  • Security:
    • EPS Global secure programming and provisioning services
    • Hex-Five MultiZone Security, a trusted execution environment that adds security and separation to new or existing applications running on Cortex-M devices
    • IAR C-TRUST, which adds IP protection and production controls to sensitive systems
    • SecureThingz application security services
    • SmartAxiom endpoint-to-cloud blockchain software
    • wolfSSL's embedded SSL/TLS library
  • Voice/Speech Recognition:
    • DSP Concepts' TalkTo audio front end
    • Sensory's Truly Handsfree Speech Recognition solution
    • Pachira Voice Recognition that provides offline wake-up command triggers
    • Toshiba Digital Solutions’ RECAIUS voice recognition software for pre-defined trigger word detection

These and other RA Ecosystem solution packs have received an RA READY badge that indicate they are fully compatible with RA devices. The solution packs are available now, and each comes with technical documentation, an introductory video, and partner brief.

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