Power Integrations Offers Voice-Controlled Smart Lights with RGBW LEDs

September 21, 2018 Laura Dolan

Power Integrations’ new design example report DER-630 details the 12 W isolated flyback power supply that operates an RGBW LED downlight with ultra-low standby consumption. It demonstrates the flexibility of PI’s LYTSwitch ®-6 LED-driver IC to run effortlessly in conjunction with many networking components.

Smart lighting plays in imperative role in the home automation industry. With wireless dimming, tunable colors and voice control elements, design engineers are up against keeping efficiency high and component count low while integrating the newest functions and communication networks.

Other designs can easily be created by replacing the Casambi Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE) mesh module with an E3Control BLE module or a Broadlink Wi-Fi module, causing the downlight to change color via voice command through most major smart speakers. With accurate constant voltage regulation and fast transient load response, LYTSwitch-6 dims smoothly without ghosting or shimmering.

For more information, visit www.power.com.

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