Pluri Launches New Tool That Makes Python Programming Accessible to Everyone

June 9, 2020 Tiera Oliver

Pluri launched StremeCoder, a graphical Python programming editor to help developers use Python for data management and analysis in laboratories, businesses, education, and research.

StremeCoder is a Graphical Python Programming Editor that provides an environment for creating and managing Python programs that is accessible to non-programmers and programmers alike. StremeCoder simplifies Python program creation, organization, and documentation to help developers build efficient programs.

Pluri is equipped with a patented wireless optogenetics device (a way to send data to neurons using light). The Streme Client was initially made as an auxiliary program to control that device using preprogrammed nodes that users could connect to generate different behaviors in Pluri hardware.

The first use of StremeCoder was as a data mining tool to compile libraries of data generated from MedPC. According to the company, StremeCoder enabled the Department of Biomedical Sciences at Marquette University to take a decade’s worth of data files that MedPC generated and process them with a StremeCoder based system. This system provided analyses and data management that small data management solutions like MS Excel could not handle, while maintaining a dynamic, node based, human-readable management system that modern data solutions cannot provide. 

StremeCoder’s uses also include server back-end design for data management to tumor detection for personalized cancer treatment for pediatric sarcomas.

StremeCoder can be used in any situation where programming in Python provides an advantage. Research laboratories, software teams, businesses, and educational institutions could benefit from using StremeCoder to fulfill their Data Management and Python Programming needs. 

Test StremeCoder for yourself by visiting this page.

You can schedule a demonstration with a member of the team by visiting this page.

For more information, visit:  

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