Picosun’s R&D PEALD Technology Enhances Process Quality

September 4, 2019 Alix Paultre

Picosun Group, a supplier of AGILE ALD (Atomic Layer Deposition) thin film coating solutions, reported excellent results with its next-generation R&D PEALD (plasma-enhanced ALD) technology. PEALD enables deposition at low temperatures, using several materials that could not be deposited with thermal process only. The drawback of PEALD, however, is damage to the sample surface caused by ion bombardment. Picosun’s solution to this is a remote plasma method, where the plasma source is located high enough above the sample, and the reactive species hitting the surface are radicals, not high-energy ions.

“Picosun’s operating philosophy is based on constant improvement and development, as we want to offer our customers always the best-in-class, leading quality ALD solutions. Our Picoplasma equipment has been a hit product in the R&D community since its launch, and we have now upgraded it to a completely new level, to enable even faster processing with superior film quality and purity,” said Dr. Jani Kivioja, CTO of Picosun Group.

Picosun’s next generation PEALD solution is based on remote, high power microwave plasma (MWP). The compact, lightweight plasma generator can be integrated to existing PICOSUN R&D ALD reactors as such. The new plasma-ALD solution realizes deposition with virtually no added particles, with extremely low metal contamination and with far shorter cycle times compared to the previously used method.

Learn more at www.picosun.com.

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