OmniVision’s Automotive Image Signal Processor with Flicker Mitigation and HDR Over Automotive Temperature Range Hits the Market

May 14, 2019 Laura Dolan

SANTA CLARA, CA. OmniVision Technologies, Inc. released its OAX4010 automotive image signal processor (ISP) including the new HDR and LFM Engine (HALE) combination algorithm, which can process images from one camera at 60fps or two cameras at 30fps, minimizing the quantity of ISPs necessary for surround-view system (SVS) cameras by 50 percent.

The OAX4010’s ASIL features help designers equip drivers with additional bright and dark scene details while removing LED flicker and are conducive for rear-view cameras, e-mirrors and SVS. It also helps emerging AR camera systems project real-time images on GPS navigation displays, which requires LED traffic signs and signals to be flicker-free.

“With our ISP’s proprietary HALE combination algorithm, automotive designers can create camera systems without compromise that are flicker-free while achieving the full dynamic range,” said OmniVision’s director of automotive marketing, Andy Hanvey. “LFM and HDR can be optimized together to give drivers a better picture of their surroundings.”

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