Multithreaded MIPS I-class CPU delivers balanced performance in MediTek LTE chipset modem

September 8, 2017 ECD Staff

MediaTek has adopted Imagination Technologies’ MIPS I-class CPU in the Cat-10 LTE modem of its Helio X30 smartphone chipset. The multithreading capability of the MIPS I-class CPU helps the Helio X30 4G LTE-Advanced modem support 450 Mbps download speeds and 150 Mbps upload speeds, while achieving balanced power, performance, costs, and real-time responsiveness for simultaneous latency-sensitive tasks.

“MIPS multi-threaded CPUs provide significant advantages for LTE Advanced/5G features, such as carrier aggregation,” says Jim Nicholas, EVP, MIPS Processor IP, Imagination. “Adoption of MIPS continues to increase as more companies realize the differentiation these CPUs can provide.”

MIPS DSP extensions combine with the multithreading ability of the MIPS I-class CPU to optimize applications such as VoLTE. The MIPS I-class IP is currently deployed in modems for tablets, mobile hotspots, routers, and M2M devices on global LTE networks.

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