Mouser Electronics now Shipping Bosch BMI270 Smart IMU for Wearables

June 27, 2019 Alix Paultre

Mouser Electronics is now stocking the BMI270 smart inertial measurement unit (IMU) from Bosch. Specifically targeted to wearables, hearables, augmented reality, and virtual reality applications, the BMI270 includes intuitive gesture, context, and activity recognition with an integrated plug-and-play step counter.

The device incorporates a 16-bit triaxial gyroscope and 16-bit triaxial accelerometer in two application-specific versions. The “gesture” version, designed for Wear OS by Google, allows users to navigate the device using wrist gestures such as flick in/out, arm up/down, and wrist tilt. The “context and activity” version has advanced features for recognizing context activity and activity change such as standing, walking, and being in a vehicle. The IMU features the industry’s first self-calibrating gyroscope, which compensates for MEMS soldering drifts and saves time and costs during testing and manufacturing.

The BMI270 device extends system battery life by handling multiple activity tracking, step counting, and gesture recognition functions independently of the main system processor, without having to wake it up. Through the device’s intelligent power management system, powerful and accurate gesture and activity recognition features run in the ultra-low-power domain, with a current consumption of just 30 μA. The 2.5 mm × 3.0 mm × 0.8 mm BMI270 is pin-to-pin compatible with Bosch’s BMI160, BMI260, BMI261, and BMI263 IMUs, simplifying drop-in replacement in existing designs.

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