Microchip’s New Development Board for Cloud IoT Core Connects PIC MCU Applications to Google Cloud Within Minutes

March 14, 2019 Katelyn Albani

CHANDLER, AZ. Microchip Technology Inc. just announced a new IoT rapid development board for Google Cloud IoT Core that combines a low-power PIC microcontroller, CryptoAuthentication secure element IC, and fully certified Wi-Fi network controller. The solution provides a simple way to connect and secure PIC MCU-based applications, removing the added time, cost and security vulnerabilities that come with large software frameworks and Real Time Operating Systems (RTOS).

As part of Microchip’s extended partnership with Google Cloud, the PIC-IoT WG Development Board enables PIC MCU designers to easily add cloud connectivity to next-generation products. The board combines smart, connected and secure devices to enable designers to create connected applications in minutes, including:

  • eXtreme Low-Power PIC MCU with integrated Core Independent Peripherals
  • secure element to protect the root of trust in hardware
  • Wi-Fi connectivity to Google Cloud

Google Cloud IoT Core provides a fully managed service that enables designers to easily and securely connect, manage and ingest data from devices at a global scale. The platform collects, processes and analyzes data in real time to enable designers to improve operational efficiency in embedded designs.

“Microchip continues to introduce new rapid development tools that enable PIC MCU designers to meet changing application requirements and create differentiated products,” said vice president of Microchip’s 8- and 16-bit MCU business units, Steve Drehobl. “As designers add cloud connectivity and migrate their applications to the Internet of Things (IoT), our PIC-IoT WG development board provides a simplified development process to bring designs to market quickly.”

For more information, please visit https://www.microchip.com/.

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