Microchip Releases First Automotive USB 3.1 SmartHub with Type-C Support

March 1, 2019 Laura Dolan

CHANDLER, AZ. Microchip Technology Inc.’s USB7002 SmartHub IC has hit the market, offering up to 10 times faster data rates and features interfaces for USB Type-C connectors.

The 5 Gbps SuperSpeed data rates of USB 3.1 guarantee higher bandwidth and supreme operation, conducive for data streaming, data download and in-vehicle communication applications that require faster gigabit speeds. The USB7002 also cuts the time it takes to download large videos files, especially for vehicles that have integrated 4K dash cams. 

The USB7002 merges USB 3.1 technology with USB Type-C, providing direct USB Type-C connections via native Configuration Channel (CC) pin interfaces and integrated 2:1 multiplexers that support the reversible connection ability of the USB Type-C connector. 

“Microchip continues to invest in bringing devices to market that are at the forefront of USB technology in the automotive industry,” said Microchip’s general manager of USB and Networking business unit, Charles Forni. “From providing faster charging for mobile devices in the car console and backseat to introducing the industry’s first automotive USB 3.1 solution with USB Type-C compatibility, we continue to offer solutions that enhance the in-vehicle experience.”

For more information, visit https://www.microchip.com/.

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