Maxwell Technologies Launches 3.0v Ultracapacitor Platform

February 8, 2019 Alix Paultre

Maxwell Technologies announced the launch of a new family of 3.0V ultracapacitors, in the same form factor as their 2.7-volt product line, providing users a drop-in upgrade. Designed for single-cell applications as well as multi-cell module systems, the 3.0V platform addresses the energy storage requirements in renewable energy and industrial electrification.

The 3.0V 3400-Farad ultracapacitor cell has 40 percent higher power than Maxwell's 2.7V 3000F cell, in an industry-standard 60-mm cylindrical form factor, as well as a 54 percent increase in stored energy. Features include DuraBlue advanced shock and vibration technology, with three times the vibrational resistance and four times the shock immunity of the prior generation ultracapacitor cells.

The 3.0V small cells are an expansion of Maxwell's XP brand, with the 3.0V, 3-farad (3F), 5F, 10F, 25F and 50F products sampling now, and additional small, medium and large cells coming out in the near future to further expand the 3.0V platform.

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