Maxim Releases Dual IO-Link Transceiver with DC-DC Regulator and Surge Protection

April 8, 2019 Laura Dolan

SAN JOSE, CA. Maxim Integrated Products, Inc.’s new MAX22513 surge-protected, dual-driver IO-Link device transceiver with integrated DC-DC buck regulator is the industry’s most compact, power-efficient device, conducive for industrial IO-Link sensors and actuator devices.

The MAX22513’s key features include:

  • Small Size: The MAX22513 implements DC-DC regulator and surge protection while providing 4x lower power dissipation and 3x smaller size
  • Low Power: The MAX22513 is enabled by low 2Ω (typical) on-resistance drivers as well as a 300mA (maximum load) DC-DC regulator with 80 percent efficiency
  • Robust Communications: All four IO pins are reverse-voltage protected, short-circuit protected and feature ±1kV/500Ω surge protection to guarantee active communications in harsh industrial environments to accelerate the design process

“We continue to focus on enabling smaller, lower power and more highly integrated solutions to meet the demands of shrinking, robust IO-Link design,” said Maxim Integrated’s Director, Industrial and Healthcare Business Unit, Timothy Leung.

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