A Marketer’s guide to Arm TechCon

June 18, 2019 OpenSystems Media

Arm TechCon, taking place October 8-10, 2019 at the San Jose Convention Center, brings together over 3,500 engineers, architects, developers, and product engineers in a three-day experience with Arm.

Exhibitors at the show are planning their booth strategies, giveaways, presentations, and new product launches to drive awareness, exposure, and, eventually, sales.

Here are a few tips as you prepare for Arm TechCon to drive maximum exposure and return on investment.

1) Best in Show Awards – Arm TechCon.  Submit your entries for the Arm TechCon Best in Show Awards.  All entries will be featured online, plus winners will be announced at the event, promoted on Facebook and Twitter, plus featured on the Embedded Daily E-newsletter.  Submit your entries here: https://bestinshow.embedded-computing.com/shows/arm-techcon-2019 (Note: there is a $650 entry fee).

2) Top Things to See at Arm TechCon.  Time to plan your marketing.  Embedded Computing Design features our Top Things to See at Arm TechCon featuring the latest products.  It will be emailed to more than 25,000 engineers the day the show opens plus it will also be featured on Facebook and Twitter.  View last year’s edition here: http://promos.opensystemsmedia.com/?thingstosee=top-things-to-see-at-arm-techcon-2018

3) Arm TechCon In-Booth Video.  Our content team will shoot a 1-3 minute In-Booth video at your booth at Arm TechCon.  All videos will be featured on our home page, our Embedded Daily E-newsletter, our YouTube Channel and on social.

You should also plan your email campaigns pre-show, during and post-event as well.  If you need some assistance with your marketing plans, drop us an email.  We have over 25,000 engineers in our IoT database.

4) Blogs and content. Create content that labels you as the expert, but also keep in mind that it should aid your sales team in their sales process. Sales representatives can reference this collateral when courting prospective buyers. Blogging is always available on Embedded Computing Design at www.embedded-computing.com.  We can also ghost-write a blog on your behalf as well.  Submit your blog here:  http://embedded-computing.com/content-submission/

5) Submit your news. Make sure not only to post news on your own site and share it on social, but post it on publishers’ sites as well. Some tradeshows share contact information of editors attending the show and have press room’s where press releases and new product announcements can be left. You can always submit press releases to Military Embedded Systems and Embedded Computing Design free of charge at http://embedded-computing.com/content-submission/

6) Time to get social. You can view everything going on at Arm TechCon on Twitter. You can follow the hashtag #ArmTechCon to see what vendors and attendees are talking about. You can also follow https://twitter.com/embedded_comp for live coverage of the show as well.

Here are a few tips to make the most impact with your tweets and social posts:

  1. Always include #ArmTechCon and if applicable other hashtags such as #iiot #iot #wearables #industry40 #ml #ai #machinelearning #linux #embedded #security #auto and #industrial
  2. Remember to include applicable images
  3. Include your booth number
  4. Announce your giveaways or contests and mention the participants’ and winners’ Twitter handle.
  5. Post photos from the show or integrate live video via Facebook or Twitter live.  Plus all videos should be uploaded to YouTube.
  6. Create your own fun hashtag and encourage attendees to use to use it for free swag
  7. Feature your social accounts on your booth bags, stickers, and handouts
  8. Use as many social platforms as you can to post your content (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and LinkedIn)
  9. You should post at least 4-5 times per day to stay relevant.
  10. Follow and network with others using #ArmTechCon to expand your reach. 
  11. Use Twitter ads and Facebook boosted posts to extend your reach beyond your audience.
  12. Start posting on social at least one week before the event and one week after the event.

7) Think search engine optimization (SEO). SEO needs to be part of your equation. When we think about the engineer’s journey from gathering information to purchasing, content must be available to validate the engineer’s decision. Everything you do on your own site as well as beyond your site is incorporated into how Google ranks your pages. Thus, having links that point back to your site helps drive your SEO.

8) Keywords are key. Your sales team and field application engineers (FAEs) get lots of questions, complaints, challenges, and specific words that engineers use to search for products and technologies. Use these words in the content you produce and try to create content from an end-user perspective including industrial, iot, industry 4.0, IIoT, security, machine learning, ai and more.

To book an appointment or press briefing, contact Patrick Hopper, President, OpenSystems Media at patrick.hopper@opensysmedia.com

Contact our EVP Rich Nass at rich.nass@opensysmedia.com or Editor-in-Chief Brandon Lewis at brandon.lewis@opensysmedia.com.



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