MagnaChip Releases High-Voltage Super Junction MOSFET

October 22, 2018 Laura Dolan

MagnaChip Semiconductor Corporation has introduced its new High-Voltage Super Junction MOSFET with a 900V breakdown voltage and low total gate charge (Qg) (“90R1K4P”). It comes in two package types, I-PAK and D-PAK. Samples will be available to customers in November 2018 and prolific manufacturing will begin in the first quarter of 2019.

90R1K4P is well-suited for high-voltage applications such as:

·       an auxiliary power supply for industrial smart metering.

·       the lighting of flyback topology in both AC/DC and DC/DC high-speed switching converters.

·       a power supply for lighting equipment helping to prevent an unstable system condition that could lead to outages.

90R1K4P’s low total gate charge (Qg) reduces heat generation in the system, decreasing power loss and improving energy efficiency. Also, the compact die size of 90R1K4P is more than half the dimensions under the same condition of conduction loss.

“MagnaChip’s High-Voltage Super Junction MOSFET with a high breakdown voltage and a low total gate charge (Qg) will provide customers with high system reliability and energy efficiency,” said YJ Kim, CEO of MagnaChip. “We will continue to develop products based on the newly launched High-Voltage Super Junction MOSFET and extend our product portfolio with a diverse line of Super Junction MOSFETs with improved performance.”

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