MagnaChip Introduces 28-Nanometer OLED DDIC for Smartphones

April 16, 2019 Laura Dolan

SEOUL, South Korea and SAN JOSE, CA. MagnaChip Semiconductor Corporation released its 28-nanometer (nm) OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diodes) DDIC (Display Driver IC) for smartphone screens.

The 28nm OLED DDIC’s form factor reduction is 20 percent more compact than the previous 40nm process, making it conducive for smartphones and other mobile devices. In effect, the logic voltage was diminished to 1.0V from 1.1V, reducing current voltage consumption over 20 percent and also prolongs the battery power. 

The 28nm OLED display driver IC will also:

  • Cut EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) levels by 20 percent, improving smartphones’ quality of calls
  • Support different display types including rigid, flexible, foldable and VR, AR applications
  • Maximize use of latest full-screen designs, such as bezel-less, hole type displays

“By launching the 28nm OLED DDIC, we have demonstrated again our world-class technology and expect it will help mobile device manufacturers develop new generations of smaller and more energy-efficient products with crisp displays,” MagnaChip’s CEO, YJ Kim said. “Further, MagnaChip plans to extend its DDIC portfolio from current OLED smartphones to the rapidly growing OLED TV, OLED automotive and MicroLED TV applications, as well as foldable smartphones.” 

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