Lynx accelerates secure ADAS development with LynxSecure port

April 3, 2018 Jamie Leland

ADAS vision and machine learning systems are critical in allowing autonomous vehicles to adapt to changing environments and adverse conditions. These vehicles will need to be secure by design, and thus, successful development of fully autonomous level-5 vehicles will depend not only on the processor performance, but also on the security and integrity of the system. Lynx Software Technologies believes LynxSecure is a solid step towards level-5 autonomous vehicles, claiming the industry’s most secure real time hypervisor.

Interestingly, both Lynx Software Technologies’ ARM and Intel LynxSecure customers are protected from Meltdown, a hardware vulnerability that exploits a race condition that exists between memory access and privilege checking during the instruction processing phase. This is due to the decentralized approach of LynxSecure, where each guest computing environment is self-sufficient, preventing the need for the kernel to provide global services. This distributed autonomous design approach makes LynxSecure immune to Meltdown, where attacker processes/VMs could derive kernel and guest private memory because of central-service-oriented kernel designs that required access to all guest memory.

The company has announced that LynxSecure 6.0, the latest version of its separation kernel hypervisor, has been ported to the NXP S32V, one of the industry’s most popular platforms for autonomous machine vision applications. LynxSecure 6.0 adds support for the Armv8-A architecture to existing Intel x86 support. LynxSecure supports the 64-bit architecture of Armv8-A, and allows for both 32- and 64-bit virtualized guest OSes to run without modification. LynxSecure supports multi-core Arm SoCs by offering core-to-guest OS affinity, support for multi-core guest OSes, and core sharing across multiple guest OSes, enabling developers to take full advantage of multi-core systems.

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