LDRA Adds Training for New Functional Safety Standard to LDRA tool suite for Automotive

March 6, 2019 Katelyn Albani

Wirral, U.K. LDRA just announced the ISO 26262:2018 functional safety standard. The new courses complement existing courses in the MISRA language subsets, consultancy services relating to the application of ISO 26262 and SAE J3061, and the LDRA tool suite for Automotive.

LDRA supports the international development, adoption, and enforcement of rigorous software standards that ensure the safety and security of software-based electronics systems.

LDRA is represented on learned committees across the world including:

  • several DO-178C subgroups
  • BSI committees
  • the secureC, MISRA C, and MISRA C++ language subset committees

“LDRA has been an established software tool provider for more than 45 years,” said LDRA Operations Director, Ian Hennell. “We have always supported our tools with the provision of related training, and more recently complemented that by sharing our MISRA C:2012 expertise with the development community through our training courses. We look forward to extending these offerings through the addition of ISO 26262:2018 courses.”

For more information, please visit https://www.ldra.com/.

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