LASER COMPONENTS’ Power Detectors Serve High-Energy Lasers

June 26, 2019 Alix Paultre

LASER COMPONENTS’ latest series of laser power detectors by Gentec-EO were specifically designed for high energy, solid-state lasers. Using a proprietary absorber that diffuses the measured beam and absorbs it in a larger volume, the UP-QED series has a damage threshold of 100 kW/cm2 in power density and up to 300 J/cm2 in energy density. All devices are available in two sizes: UP16-QED with a 16 mm Ø aperture for small beams, and UP52-QED with a 52 mm Ø aperture for large beams.

The modular design offers a choice of cooling unit (simple convection, heatsink, forced air or water-cooled) to reach up to 300 W average power. There also are various output options: Users may connect the detector to one of Gentec-EO’s displays and PC interfaces with the standard DB15 output or choose an all-in-one detector with integrated meter for other output choices such as USB, RS-232 or wireless (Bluetooth).

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