Laird’s New Module Adds BL651 to Growing Nordic Family of BLE 5 Solutions

October 15, 2018 Laura Dolan

Laird announced the release of its new BL651 Series, the latest addition to Laird's Nordic Semiconductor family of Bluetooth 5 offerings. It is a cost-effective solution for simple Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) applications providing the capacity of the Nordic nRF52810 silicon in a small, fully certified module.

The BL651 series is 100 percent PCB compatible with the BL652 Series of modules, providing flexibility for upscale designs should the process require more flash/RAM. It also has the features of Bluetooth 5, including higher data throughput and increased broadcasting capacity.

"The BL651 was designed with our customers in mind, enabling a straightforward and cost-effective approach to adding Bluetooth 5," said Jonathan Kaye, the company’s Product Director.

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