Knowles Releases its AISonic™ SmartMic Headset Development Kit for the Alexa Voice Service

June 11, 2019 Laura Dolan

Knowles Corporation launched the Knowles AISonic™ SmartMic Headset Development Kit for the Alexa Voice Service (AVS), a new hands-free reference solution that allows OEMs and ODMs to manufacture headphones, headsets and wireless earbuds for users to talk directly to Alexa by simply just saying the “Alexa” wake word. This will enable customers to play music, place calls, access apps, and more, eliminating push-to-talk in the headset.

In an effort to prevent background interference in the headset, Knowles' AISonic innovation is processed at the edge.

“OEMs are looking to get as close to zero false triggers as possible, this improves with multistage recognition that we can support on this device, what customers are looking for,” said Mike Maia, VP of ear and IoT at Knowles.

The solution has an Alexa Mobile Accessory (AMA) driver for Bluetooth accessories, using the smallest amount of power necessary for wake-on-voice operation in a small battery operated device.

The Development Kit features the Knowles AISonic IA611 SmartMic that incorporates a low power audio edge processor inside a tiny microphone, operating all wake-word detection, identification of the voice wake word and local voice command processing. It also interacts with the Bestechnic BES2000i Bluetooth System-on-Chip, providing Bluetooth and BLE connectivity. 

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