Infineon’s OptiMOS 6 40V Family Touts Switching Performance

March 19, 2019 Alix Paultre

Infineon Technologies introduced the OptiMOS 6 family, optimized for synchronous rectification in SMPS for servers, desktop PCs, wireless chargers, quick chargers, and ORing circuits. The OptiMOS 6 40 V delivers a 30 percent reduced on-state resistance and improved figure of merits (Q g x R DS(on) down by 29 percent and Q gd x R DS(on) down by 46 percent, compared to legacy solutions.

The OptiMOS 6’s switching performance can be maintained at even higher output levels despite the dominance of R DS(on) losses. Available in two different packages, the SuperSO8, 5 mm x 6 mm, R DS(on) ranging from 5.9 mΩ down to 0.7 mΩ, and the PQFN 3x3, 3.3 mm x 3.3 mm, R DS(on) ranging from 6.3 mΩ down to 1.8 mΩ.

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