Infineon’s 80V DC-DC Buck LED Driver IC Touts Dimming Performance

July 11, 2019 Alix Paultre

Infineon Technologies’ ILD8150/E LED driver IC features hybrid dimming mode technology to achieve 0.5 percent of the target current. Accepting a supply voltage from 8Vdc to 80Vdc, the driver IC provides a high safety voltage margin for applications operating close to safe extra-low voltage (SELV) limits, such as general and professional LED lighting applications with high dimming requirements.

Offering dimming performance without flicker and audible noise, the device uses a PWM input signal between 250 Hz and 20 kHz to control the LED current in analog dimming output mode from 100 percent to 12.5 percent, and from 12.5 percent to 0.5 percent in hybrid dimming mode, with a flicker-free modulation frequency of 3.4 kHz. The digital PWM dimming detection with high resolution and the low power shutdown match the ILD8150/E to microcontrollers, and a dim-to-off function and a pull-down transistor avoids LED glowing in dim-to-off mode.

Driving up to 1.5A using a high-side integrated switch and enabling high-power designs with an efficiency of more than 95 percent, the device incorporates a soft-start function to protect the primary stage from abrupt current requests, and a shunt resistor for adjustable maximum output current. Features include an output current accuracy of 3 percent (typical), under voltage lockout (UVLO) for the bootstrap voltage, and over temperature protection.

The LED driver IC is packaged in a DSO-8 housing, which enables wave soldering. Higher thermal performance can be achieved with the ILD8150E in a DSO-8 package with an exposed pad. Both variants can be ordered now.

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